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July 7 - 8


Congratulations to the 2018 Montreal International Dragon Boat Race & Dragon Boat Cultural Festival & National Bank Cup-Overseas Chinese Dragon Boat Friendship Competition

& Week-ends du Monde -The first Jade Dragon Chinese Cultural Festival was a complete success


On July 7th and 8th, 2018, at the Bassin Olympic in Montreal, the 2018 Montreal International Dragon Boat Race and Dragon Boat Cultural Festival, National Bank Cup, co-sponsored by the Montreal Chinese Culture and Art Foundation and Mission Dragon Boat-Qiao The World Dragon Boat Friendship Race was successfully held! On July 8th, in Jean-Drapeau Park, the first Yulong Chinese Culture Festival of the Week-ends du Monde, hosted by the Montreal Chinese Culture and Arts Foundation, was successfully held! On July 10th, these two unique cultural and sports events came to a successful conclusion at the Overseas Chinese Association Friendship Competition Awards Ceremony and Appreciation Gala held in the Theater of the University of Kangda Branch!

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sent a congratulatory letter, extending his sincerest greetings and warm welcome to all those who participated in this event. On behalf of the Canadian government, he extended heartfelt congratulations to all the organizers and volunteers. Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard and Federal Minister of Cultural Heritage Melanie Joly also sent warm congratulatory letters respectively.


Ms. Huang Xianshu, chairman of the Organizing Committee of this event, said in her congratulatory speech that the Montreal Chinese Culture and Art Foundation is very honored to co-host this summer's hottest cultural and sports event in Montreal with Mission Dragon Boat! The Dragon Boat Festival is not only an arena for dragon boat athletes, but also a platform for displaying traditional Chinese culture. The dragon boat sports spirit of being united, stepping in step and helping each other in times of trouble is the essence of Chinese dragon boat culture. I believe that the Chinese dragon boat culture with a long history will definitely add luster to the multicultural capital.


Ms. Zhichun Bian, Acting Consul General of the People's Republic of China in Montreal, delivered a speech. She said that dragon boat racing originated in China and has a history of more than 2,000 years. As more and more Chinese come to live overseas, dragon boat racing has also gone abroad and is loved by people of all ethnic groups. It has become one of the important activities to enrich community culture and help community development, reflecting the concerted efforts of Chinese and overseas Chinese. mental outlook. She said that the Consulate General will work with everyone to make greater efforts to promote the prosperity and development of Chinese culture and promote cultural exchanges between China and Canada, and build more platforms. And the Dragon Boat Cultural Festival will be better and better!

22 Matt Smith, president of Dragon, Mme Magda Popeanu, representative of the mayor of Montreal, vice president of the executive committee of the city government, Mme Thi Be Nguyen, manager of the public relations department of National Bank, the title sponsor of the event, and Martin Taillandier, president of BMW Canbec, the title sponsor of the event Waiting on the stage to give speeches, I wish the 2018 Montreal International Dragon Boat Race and Dragon Boat Cultural Festival a complete success!

Members of the organizing committee, special guests, honorary advisors, sponsors and overseas Chinese leaders prayed for the "eyes" of the dragon kite together, and Mr. Guo Hongli, the representative inheritor of the national intangible cultural heritage kite, personally released the dragon kite made by him. Weifang dragon-headed centipede kite, after finishing touches, the kite is vivid, soaring into the sky, soaring in the blue sky of Saint Laurent. Artists from the Shandong Provincial Opera and Dance Theater who came all the way from China brought colorful song and dance performances to the opening ceremony, and many local Chinese community art groups in Montreal also performed a variety of cultural programs for the conference. So far, the 2018 Montreal International Dragon Boat Race and Dragon Boat Cultural Festival has officially opened!

Media Reports

Jan 10th

2018 Montreal 2nd Edition Chinese New Year Concert

2018年1月10日晚,由蒙特利尔中华文化艺术基金会MCCAF和中加文化发展协会CCCDA主办的2018第二届蒙特利尔中国新年音乐会 – 世界经典电影视听交响音乐会在蒙特利尔市中心艺术广场著名的Maisonneuve剧院如期举行,并取得了圆满成功!



音乐会经过半年多的精心筹备,得到了本地三级政府和中国驻蒙特利尔总领馆的高度重视和大力支持, 也得到了蒙城华人华侨各界团体和个人的通力合作和帮助。尤其值得一提的是,蒙特利尔梦之声合唱团和蒙特利尔华夏艺术团百位团员,以及特邀参加演出的魁北克本土艺术家Mario Simard和加拿大著名大提琴演奏家Jean- Francois Marquis联袂加盟本届音乐会,共创演绎经典辉煌,也使本届音乐会成为中外艺术家精诚合作和中西文化碰撞融合的大聚会。整个剧场座无虚席,丰富雄浑的音响、流动的电影画面、中西艺术家的真诚交流,成功地把高雅的交响乐与直观的电影艺术完美地结合在一起,致敬经典,致敬青春,传承文化,传播艺术。饕餮的视听盛宴给刚刚经历了极寒天气的蒙城电影音乐发烧友们送来了无比温暖的新春问候和祝福,也为接下来蒙特利尔精彩纷呈的“欢乐春节”系列活动奏响了嘹亮的序曲!

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