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The Montreal Chinese Culture and Arts Foundation (MCCAF) was established on May 7, 2015, and is a non-profit organization registered with the Canadian federal government.

Over the past 7 years, MCCAF has been committed to promoting and promoting Chinese culture in Canada, and promoting cultural exchanges between China and Canada and between China and Quebec.

MCCAF has successively established two well-known cultural brands: Montreal International Dragon Boat Challenge and Cultural Festival and Montreal Chinese New Year Charity Concert.

By holding different forms of theatrical performances and cultural festivals, not only can various ethnic groups in Montreal better understand traditional Chinese culture, but also enhance the influence of Chinese culture in Montreal, Quebec and Canada.

At the same time, MCCAF does its best to support various activities of the overseas Chinese community in Montreal, especially cultural activities. It has sponsored more than 50 activities of the overseas Chinese community and made its own contribution to enriching the cultural and sports life of the Chinese community in Montreal.


To help develop and grow the Chinese culture and arts not only among the Canadian community but also
in China, and this, by organizing festivals and cultural events staring local and international artists on both


The main activities held by MCCAF in the past 7 years are as follows:

- Montreal International Dragon Boat Challenge and Cultural Festival
- Chinese New Year Concert in Montreal
- Chinese New Year Charity Concert in Montreal
- Weekend du monde- Jade Dragon Chinese Cultural Festival
- Montreal Chinese Culture Festival-Camellia Activity Week of Qinqi, Calligraphy and Painting
- Light of China—Montreal Carnival
- China Children's Art "Three Monks" multimedia stage play
- "Montreal National Day Concert" by the Famous Nationality Orchestra of China Opera and Dance Theater



The president of the foundation is  Ms. Susan Xianshu Huang.

Ms. Susan Xianshu Huang is a national singer who loves art and singing.
- Was the founder of the Montreal Oriental Art Troupe;
- Won the second runner-up in the Montreal Chinese Singing Competition twice in 1993 and 1994;

Ms. Susan Xianshu Huang is also a philanthropist who is enthusiastic about public welfare.
- Since 1992, she has devoted herself to charity activities and sponsored her hometown Sichuan Opera Troupe for more than 20 years;
- Served as the rotating president of the Rotary Club of Old Port of Montreal in 2020 and 2022, raising funds to help non-profit organizations in need. The areas supported by Rotary International are promoting peace, saving mothers and children, clean water and sanitation, education, economics, environmental protection, ending polio, etc.

Ms. Susan Xianshu Huang is also a successful professional manager with 15 years of experience in international trade
- Holds an EMBA degree from Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management
- MBA degree from Southern Cross University, Australia

She is currently the vice president of the North American Alumni Association of Tsinghua SEM, Kadong Branch,
Director of Montreal Tsinghua Alumni Association.

The foundation has a board of directors and a council.

The president of the board of directors is Ms. Susan Xianshu Huang.




MCCAF Council Members:

  • Shen Junhua

  • Jia Ming

  • Guo Jun

  • Wang Baomeng

  • Cao Cheng

  • Zhang Qiang

  • Li Xinyong

  • Xie Xiangguang

  • Lao Qin

  • Rong Shuangji

  • Lv Mengsheng

  • Elsa Zhang

  • Feng Li

  • Sun ZiYue

Financial Director:

  • Wang Lei

MCCAF Secretary:

  • ​Zhao Yinan

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