MCCAF is a non-profit organization registered on May 7th, 2015 as a Federal incorporation.  Its Board of direc-tors gathers renowned men and women willing to contribute to the Chinese culture and arts, and who are com-mitted to the well-being of their community and its recognition. They come from different backgrounds in order to integrate the experience and the professionalism that will build the strong and creative foundation of the MCCAF, and ensure its success.


To help develop and grow the Chinese culture and arts not only among the Canadian community but also
 in China, and this, by organizing festivals and cultural events staring local and international artists on both


MCCAF's main activities in the coming five years will include the following :


Montreal’s Jasmine Festival : MCCAF is looking at organizing a Culture & Arts festival called Montreal’s Jasmine Festival, which will be integrated in the Montreal City Hall’s schedule of events in July or August. The Jasmine Festival will include:

  • Singing, dancing and music performances ;

  • Acrobatics shows ;

  • Chinese gongfu ;

  • World or National culture heritage exhibitions.


Apart from the traditional shows that will be presented, the festival will also aim to give the opportunity to local artists, restaurants, and craft shops to give a unique experience to the audience by presenting their “savoir-faire”.


International Chinese  Lantern and Dragon Boat Festival ;

Fashion Show ;

Chinese Film Festival ;

Water Cube Cup Oversea Chinese Teenagers Singing Competition.


The President of MCCAF is Madame Susan Huang  who is a talented artist and business woman. She has been doing a lot of charity work since 1992, and has made great contributions to the Chinese Sichuan Opera in her hometown over 20 years. She is also:


  • The founder of the Montreal Oriental Artistic Troupe;

  • A folk song singer who has won the Montreal Chinese Singing competition twice, in 1993 and 1994;

  • A successful businesswoman with over 15 years working experience in Management of big corporations;

  • An EMBA degree holder from Tsinghua University of China and MBA graduate from Australia South Cross University;

  • A Board member of Tsinghua University’s School of Economics and Management North American Alumni Easter Canada Chapter;

  • A Board Member of Montreal Tsinghua University Alumni Association.


 Madame Annie Chan, Advisory Board Chairman is a respectable member of the Chinese Community at large. Apart from her daily professional work, she has also been spending her valuable time in her charity work for the local community or for underprivileged kids abroad. Annie is:

  • Financial Advisor for a prestigious Canadian firm with offices across Canada;President of the Rotary Club of Old Montreal elected twice, and Fundraising Chairperson for the Club for over 10 years;

  • She presently serves as Special Project Chair for the Club.Member of the Board of Directors for the Montreal Chinese Garden;Committee member for the 25th Anniversary Fundraising Ball of the Montreal Chinese Hospital, which was held on November 21, 2015;

  • Past Fundraising Chair for the Chinese Family Services of Greater Montreal and South Shore;

  • Past Fundraising Chair for the Montreal Chinese Cultural Centre;

  • Two times Recipient of the Queen’s Jubilee Gold Medals for her charity work in the past years.


The Board is constituted by two entities, the Advising Board and the Artistic Board which will be reviewing all aspects of the MCCAF’s activities :


  • The Advisory Board is composed of members from all economic sectors.

  • The Artistic Board is formed by actors from the artistic scene who will help develop the annual Pro-gramming, and ensure its variety, uniqueness and representativeness of China’s “know-how”.


The Executive Committee is in charge of the Foundation’s general administration, as well as of producing the annual strategic plan that will list all activities that will take place during the year with the related budget linked to each one of them. It is also responsible for organizing events, promoting them, and finding sponsors.