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2023Montreal Chinese New Year Charity Concert

The Beneficiary of this Concert is Young Bind Pianist Mr. Hao Liu. Your kind DONATION will go directly to the Welfare Account of Rotary Club of Old Montreal and will be donated to Mr. Hao Liu in full amount. You will receive the official Tax deductible receipt for your kind Donation. Thank you for your Generosity!

Donation Link:


You have a project to better your community, an idea of a show to help local talents to get known, send your proposal to the Foundation, and we will study it to see if we could give you the support you need. Please ensure you give as many details as you can so we can have a good picture of what you want to achieve.


Take note that all projects will be considered as long as they have no offensive, sexual or racist contents, and are of a good taste.


Send your proposal to :

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