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Consulting Services on China

MCCAF offers services and activities that will allow you to not only have an overview of the Chinese culture, but also to familiarize yourself with Chinese customs.

These services are built to suit individual as well as small companies who would like to conduct business in China. We will help you to better understand the know-hows, negotiate and set a company on Chinses soil.

Basic Chinese Language Training

This training will help you acquire basic conversational knowledge of the Chinese language.   

General knowledge on China

This activity will teach you general knowledge on China, such as :

  • History

  • Local customs

  • Historical sites

  • Important events


Culture différences between Canada and China

This course will give you an overview of Chinese customs, beliefs and way of life to help you better interact with the Chinese people.  


Culture application for management proficiency

  • How to arouse the enthusiasm of Chinese employees

  • How to build the trust with Chinese employees

  • How to achieve the efficient communication with Chinese employees

  • How to lead the Chinese team 

  • How to achieve success in China

For more information, please contact us!

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