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Cultural Activities

MCCAF can help you organize cultural activities for schools, companies, academic institutions and associations in order to make people discover the Chinese culture.

Chinese Folk Music

- Chinese Folk Music presentation and performance

- Typical Chinese music instruments demonstration

- Yang Qin

- Erhu

- Zheng

- Flute

- Pipa


Yang Qin




Artistic Activities

- Chinese calligraphy

- Chinese painting

- Game of Go

- China Guqin demonstrations

- Tea Ceremony initiation


Quintessence of Chinese Culture

- Chinese classic dance from Tang Dynasty

- Chinese classic dance from Han

- Dance with fans

- Chinese cheongsam show

- Chinese martial arts

- Chinese Opera

Chinese food testing

- Dumplings

- Shrimp raviolis

- Cold noodles

- Steamed pork dumplings

- Wonton

- Chinese breads

- China Pearl teas

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